Testing to make sure myWIFIzone is working on your network.

You can run an easy test to see if  myWIFIzone 
will block intruders on your WIFI network by following these steps:
Start myWIFIzone on the installation computer. If you do not see any error messages on start-up and the traffic light on the icon tray turns green, you are ready to test.

Start up a computer or laptop that is connected wirelessly to the network. Launch a browser on this wireless computer, and attempt to browse to an external website (e.g. www.google.com).

TIP: Try several websites if the first one does not get blocked (the computer may be retrieving the page requested from its internal cache)

Instead of the requested page, you should see the myWIFIzone captive portal (see figure at right).


At the computer screen of the installation computer, you should see an alert message scroll up from the bottom right of the screen (see figure).

If you get the above results, myWIFIzone has been successfully installed, otherwise please check your network configuration again.