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Installing the
myWIFIzone driver:

After installing the software, the myWIFIzone driver must be available to the system for proper operation. If the installation wizard fails to properly install the driver, you must install it manually as per the instructions below..

Step 1

From the Windows desktop, right click the icon called “My Network Places”, and click “Properties” menu item. (See Figure at right). The Network and Dial-up Connections window will appear.

Step 2

In the Network and Dial-up Connections window, right click the connection that connects your computer to the local network.

Step 3

Select the Properties menu item and the properties screen will appear for the selected network connection. Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the properties list and press the “Install” button.

Step 4

You will now be asked to select the network component type. Select the Protocol component type and press the “Add” button

Step 5

The "Select Network Protocol" box will appear.  Press the “Have Disk” button


Step 6

The "Install from Disk" box will appear. Press the "Browse" button and browse to the folder where you installed the myWIFIzone driver. (Typically C:\Program Files\myWIFIzone\Driver). Click OK.

Step 7

The myWIFIzone Driver should now appear on the Protocol list. Click OK to complete the installation process.