myWIFIzone Screen Shot

This page will help you understand how to install and operate myWIFIzone software. For more general questions about myWIFIzone , please look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


To install myWIFIzone, download the Microsoft Installer file (myWIFIzone.msi) from the download page and save it in a convenient location on your computer's hard drive. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the folder where myWIFIzone.msi has been saved. Double-click the msi file to start the installation wizard. Follow the instructions from the wizard to install the software. You may need to wait several minutes as the driver file is installed and configured with your network card. Wait until the wizard has completed all steps and then close the wizard. The software should now be ready to run. We recommend that you test your network to ensure blocking is working after you install.

Running myWIFIzone

To run myWIFIzone , click Start, Programs and myWIFIzone from the Windows desktop. A small traffic light icon will appear on the lower right taskbar. The amber light will flash while the software connects to the myWIFIzone network. When it successfully connects, the green light will illuminate and stay on. The software is now ready to block internet access. 

Changing myWIFIzone settings

To change myWIFIzone settings, either double-click the traffic light icon, or right-click it and select the Set Up menu option. The set up screen (see figure 1) will appear.

Hot Spot Support

If you have subscribed to  hotspot support services, "HOT SPOT" will flash at the top of the page.

Authentication Method

myWIFIzone will block all computers on the network which cannot be authenticated with the authentication method selected. 

myWIFIzone has the maximum authentication method configured when it is installed (both MAC address and IP authentication). To change the authentication method, select the method you want to use and click the Apply button on the set-up page.

IP Address means the Internet Protocol address of the computer must be on the IP whitelist to allow access
MAC Address uses the Machine address of the computer must be on the IP whitelist to allow access
Both means that both the IP and MAC address of the computer must be on their repective whitelists to allow access

Editing the Whitelists

TIP: The simplest way to permit access to another computer is to allow myWIFIzone to block it, and then click the "Permit access to this Computer" link on the notification window. You can also add or delete a computer from the whitelist by clicking the Add or Delete button below the whitelist you want to edit.

System Options:

Your site ID is an unique number that identifies your site. Please refer to this number if you require any support for this site.

You can start the myWIFIzone software automatically when you reboot your computer by checking the "Launch at System Start" option box.

You can tell myWIFIzone to show you details when a computer is blocked by checking the "Alert When Blocking" option box. If you have alerts turned off, you will still see the traffic light turn red when a block occurs.

You can tell myWIFIzone to play a sound when a notification message appears by checking the "Play Sound" box.