Version 4.0 Released
Supports Free and Paid Hotspots, new Family Zone (content filter), online monitoring portal, 12 languages and more...

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Block Freeloaders - 
For free!
Operate myWIFIzone as a free internet access blocker. Stops intruders even when your WEP key is cracked.

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Translate for us - and win a free router!
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Family Zone - Now available!

Our new FamilyZone is perfect for parents that want to block their kids from viewing inappropriate content on the web. Using a database of over 1 million blacklisted domains, the FamilyZone protects your family from the worst of the worst on the internet.

Here's how it works

Every web site requested is checked against a "blacklist" of pornographic, dating service, gambling, and other sites containing inappropriate or dangerous content. If the requested site is on the blacklist, the request is blocked and the user gets a "Sorry - this site is blocked" page (Click here for sample). And if you set the service to record user activity, you can log in to your myWIFIzone account and view a list of all sites visited.

Plus you get all the features of our Personal Zone
- a customizable captive portal with your own family picture and message
- create up to five user accounts
- set up your own "landing page" after login
- and more....
- all for just $3.99 USD/month!

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