Version 4.0 Released
Supports Free and Paid Hotspots, new Family Zone (content filter), online monitoring portal, 12 languages and more...

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Block Freeloaders - 
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Operate myWIFIzone as a free internet access blocker. Stops intruders even when your WEP key is cracked.

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Hotspot Management Software for Windows®

Version 4.0 Features

Thanks to feedback from over 65,000 users worldwide, we are continually improving myWIFIzone software. Here are some of the features included in the current version. 

Runs on any computer on your network

Unlike most hotspot software, myWIFIzone can run on any Windows 2000/XP computer connected to your wireless network, not just the "gateway" machine or router. This saves you from having to set up complicated router software, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), or using your PC as a router. And your network card does not have to support RF-Monitor or "Promiscuous" mode like some competitors' products.

HotZone Features

The HotZone service blocks WIFI visitors and redirects them to a splash page (captive portal) where they can purchase time on your hotspot. Site owners can use a secure on-line portal called the Site Control Center to manage their hotspot sites, or just offer the default purchase options.

Site Control Center features:

Username and password protected secure portal; 
Select default language;
Set up site offerings such as one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions;
Select currency for each site offering (supports up to 5 currencies);
Monitor site usage and transactions; and
View messages from visitors.

Visitor Payment Processing:

Visitors are redirected to secure PayPal site after they select a purchase option;
Visitors pay using their PayPal account or a credit card if they do not have a PayPal account;
Once payment is processed, visitors automatically gain access for the time period they have purchased.

Site Revenue Sharing:

Site revenue shared between myWIFIzone and Site Owner monthly; 
Site Owner share is 60% (70% for HotZone Premium site) less $0.35 (USD) per transaction;
Revenue share and transaction report is sent to Site Owner PayPal account every month; 
(See details in the SSA.)

HotZone site branding:

HotZone sites are branded with myWIFIzone's logo and default messages. To add your own branding, please subscribe to the HotZone Premium service.

HotZone Premium Features

In addition to HotZone features listed above, the HotZone Premium service includes:

Ability to customize your WIFI splash page (captive portal); 
Upload your logo and enter a welcome message for your splash page;
Add links to sites that users can visit for free in your message (this is called a walled garden);
Set up user accounts for complimentary services or users who pay you directly:
Redirect visitors to your home page or other site after purchase/login;
Increased share of site revenue.


Multiple Language Support

myWIFIzone now supports 14 different languages. After installation, it detects the language settings on your computer. Languages supported include:


Real Time Visitor Detecting and Alerting

myWIFIzone alerts you in real time right on your desktop when an intruder is detected or blocked on your wireless network. For HotZone site owners, site activity can be viewed from anywhere on the internet.

Real Time Event Logging

myWIFIzone saves intrusion/blocking events to a log file you can view at a later time. You can see the time and date of the event as well as the MAC and IP addresses of the intruder. For HotZone site owners, site activity can be viewed from anywhere on the internet.

WEP/WPA Support

myWIFIzone supports networks that have either Wired Equivalency Protocol (WEP) or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) enabled. In fact, myWIFIzone will even block intruders that have cracked your WEP key! If you are operating a Hotspot you would normally have these security features turned off.


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