Version 4.0 Released
Supports Free and Paid Hotspots, new Family Zone (content filter), online monitoring portal, 12 languages and more...

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Block Freeloaders - 
For free!
Operate myWIFIzone as a free internet access blocker. Stops intruders even when your WEP key is cracked.

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Translate for us - and win a free router!
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Hotspot Management Software for Windows®

Make money from your WIFI network!

Download myWIFIzone to easily convert your wireless network into a WIFI hotspot. It runs on any Windows® 2000 or XP computer connected to your network - so you do not need to buy expensive hardware or reconfigure your router.

Check out our new service - the FamilyZone. Protect your family from internet pornography!   >> more info

HotZone/HotZone Premium   

Our HotZone service is the first no-cost branded WIFI hotspot solution. You can display your own logo and set your own prices. Visitor payment processing is fully automated and 5 currencies are supported. There is no set-up fee or monthly charge.  Site revenue is shared between you and us. 

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Personal Zone/Free Zone

On a tight budget but still want to brand your site? Subscribe to one of our captive portal monthly plans.  For just $3.99 USD a month, you get most HotZone features (except automated visitor payment processing). 
Don't want to charge visitors for access? Try our FreeZone service. 

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